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secondary glazing

Retain warmth easily with secondary glazing

Covering a 50-mile radius of Glasgow, Hi Spec Scotland are your local experts in all aspects of secondary glazing. Call our experienced team now for a free quote.

An efficient and cost-effective alternative to double glazing

If you’re looking to insulate your home better, block out external noise and add an extra level of security to your windows, secondary glazing is the ideal solution. As the name suggests, secondary glazing works by adding an extra window frame around your existing windows, meaning there is no need to replace your existing glazing. Sitting in an aluminium or wooden frame, secondary glazing can be slid open easily to allow fresh air to be let in and for easy cleaning access. Many people find secondary glazing to be better at heat and noise insulation than typical uPVC double glazing. Contact us today to see If secondary glazing would work well in your home.

Why choose secondary glazing?

  • Acoustic insulation – up to 80% of exterior noise can be blocked with secondary glazing

  • Thermal insulation – the additional gap between your windows and the outside world makes it easier for your home to retain heat

  • Cost – secondary glazing is often cheaper than a full replacement of your existing frames

  • Security – anybody who does try to break in through your windows will be blocked by an additional layer of protection

  • Ideal for listed properties – with secondary glazing, there’s no need to change the external appearance of your property

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Live in a listed building? Secondary glazing is ideal for you

Protected and listed buildings, whilst looking beautiful, aren’t very energy efficient. If you’re unable to swap your traditional single glazed frames for more modern units, secondary glazing is the way to go. Contact us today for a free quote, we’re happy to travel out to customers within 50 miles of Glasgow.

Call the Hi Spec Scotland team now on

0141 732 9140 or 07719 063384

to get a free quote on secondary glazing for your home.

You can also send us a message via the form below.

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