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Glasgow’s local experts in integral blinds

Suitable for use in windows and doors, integral blinds offer the ideal solution for privacy. Contact Hi Spec Scotland for a free quote today.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned blinds

At Hi Spec Scotland, we believe integral blinds are the way forward. This specialist glazing solution is the ideal way to maintain privacy in your home, whilst keeping your blinds safe from dust, damp and damage from pets. Being free from external cords, integral blinds are also a great choice in homes with small children. If your home has bifold or sliding doors, this style of blind will allow you to open and close them freely without causing any damage. If you’d like to take your glazing to the next level, ask our team for a free quote today, we cover a 50-mile radius of Glasgow.

Why choose integral blinds?

  • Great for bathrooms – an ideal alternative to frosted glass, integral blinds still offer privacy when needed

  • Resistant to damp – being encased within the glass itself, these types of blinds are great in high moisture environments

  • Durable - with only the controls being external, your blinds are safe from damage caused by pets, children or repeated use

  • Maintenance-free – as everything is enclosed in the glazing, you’ll never have dusty blinds again!

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Your blinds, your way

Like standard blinds, integral blinds come in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your home. If you’re having any window, door or conservatory installation work completed by our team, make sure to ask us about the options for integral blinds. Get in touch today to get started.

Call Hi Spec Scotland now on

0141 732 9140 or 07719 063384

for a free quote on integral blinds for your home.

You can also request a call back via the form below.

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