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polycarbonate conservatory

Polycarbonate conservatory roof experts in Glasgow

Hi Spec Scotland has been installing conservatory roofs for over 25 years. Call or email us now to arrange a free quote.

Strong, yet lightweight conservatory roofs

Sometimes referred to as polycarbonate glazing, polycarbonate conservatory roofs are an effective roofing option for your conservatory. As well as being much more lightweight than glass, this material is also far cheaper, making it an attractive option, particularly if your existing conservatory roof needs to be replaced. Polycarbonate roofs work by trapping air in the tunnels within the materials, helping to keep your conservatory warmer in the winter. The more layers of polycarbonate there are, the warmer it will be.

Why choose polycarbonate conservatory roofs?

  • Cost – polycarbonate is typically 3-4 times cheaper than glass

  • Durability – polycarbonate roofs las 10-20 years, depending on weather conditions

  • Colour choice - white, clear and tinted options are available

  • Variety – polycarbonate can be fitted on almost all shapes and sizes of conservatory

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Need to replace your conservatory roof?

If your existing conservatory roof is beyond repair and you’d like to replace it with something both cost and thermally efficient, talk to our team today about a polycarbonate replacement. We cover a 50-mile radius of Glasgow.

Give our team a call now on

0141 732 9140 or 07719 063384

to arrange a free quote.

Hi Spec Scotland can also be contacted via the form below.

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