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bevelled leaded glass

Personalise your glazing with our glass designs

Based in Glasgow, Hi Spec Scotland offers a range of options to help create a bespoke look and feel for your home.

Explore the design possibilities

When you invest in new windows or doors, it’s good to know that you don’t just have to pick from a range of standard designs, you can personalise your glazing in an almost unlimited number of ways. By adding colour, etching, sand blasting and bevels, you can create a window or door that suits your tastes perfectly. Contact the Hi Spec Scotland team in Glasgow today to see the full range of design options available.

Our glass design options include:

polaroid container
  • Sandblasted glass – also known as frosted glass, this style is ideal to use on full panels where privacy is required, such as in bathrooms. Designs can also be created within the frosting to give a unique effect.

  • Bevels – leaded bevels allow 3D designs to be added to your glass to incorporate a range of designs including flowers, house numbers and more

  • Georgian bars – Georgian bars allow you to add a traditional look to modern double glazed windows by adding horizontal and vertical bars across the glass. These bars are usually made from the same material as the frame e.g., timber, aluminium or uPVC. Georgian bars are sealed within the glazing.

  • Astragal bars – astragal bars have the same effect as Georgian bars; however, they are attached to the outside of the glazing rather than being sealed inside.

To view the full range of glass designs available call us now on

0141 732 9140 or 07719 063384

You can also contact Hi Spec Scotland via the form below.

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