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girl looking through double glazed window

Need new double glazing?

Based in Glasgow, Hi Spec Scotland has over 25 years’ experience in fitting new and replacement double glazed windows.

Installers of quality Planitherm double glazing products

A cut above standard double glazing, Planitherm uses the latest technology to ensure their products are superior to the competition. A special coating on the glazing helps to ensure heat is reflected back into your home in the winter and strong UV rays are kept out in the summer. They offer superior efficiency compared to standard windows and we’re proud to work with them to deliver a great choice for our customers. To see the full Planitherm range, contact our team today.

Why choose double glazing?

  • Security – double glazing offers much better protection from break-ins compared to single glazing

  • Warmth – double glazing helps to keep the heat in your home, saving money on energy bills

  • Noise reduction – with an extra layer of glass, double glazing helps keep out unwanted noise from outside

  • Reduced condensation – less condensation means less chance of mould appearing in your home

  • Long lasting – with a lifespan of roughly 20-35 years, you won’t need to think about replacing your windows again for a long time

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Have your windows become misted?

Sometimes panels in uPVC and aluminium windows can ‘fail’ and become misted in appearance. Unfortunately, this means they lose their insulating properties. If this has happened to you, there Is a good chance the frames will still be in good condition, meaning we can simply replace the glass units and save you money on having a full replacement. For a free quote, contact our team in Glasgow today.

Call Hi Spec Scotland now on

0141 732 9140 or 07719 063384

for a free double glazing quote.

We’re also contactable via the form below.

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